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A Return to our First Love

Lesson No.


Jan 1, 2022

Subject: A Return to our First Love

Scripture Reading: Revelation 2: 1 - 7

Memory Verse: Revelation 2: 5

Objective: To impress on our hearts the importance of recapturing and maintaining the zeal that we had when we first came to Christ.

1.The church in Ephesus was commended for its moral soundness and faith. However, for what were they chided for? Revelation 2: 4

2.What did “first love” look like? Revelation 2: 2 - 5 

Note: (1) With “first love”, Bible truth was patiently taught, eagerly accepted and purposefully   


             (2) The Holy Spirit of truth would detect, expose and root out falsehood. 

             (3) The great commission of Matthew 28 was most important.

3.With whom did the decline in the church at Smyrna begin? Revelation 2: 9  

4.“A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump”. How have the actions of blasphemers, who were not “reined in” / “held in check”, hurt the church through the ages? Revelation 2: 12 & 15, 18 – 24

5.The faithful that had not defiled their garments were not forgotten. How were they encouraged? Revelation 3: 1 - 5 & 7 - 10

6.In this the end time Laodicean era, we have been called out as lukewarm, about to be spewed out of Christ’s mouth. What spiritual “checkup” is necessary? 1 Corinthians 11: 28 (first part)

7.Since we did not “lose” our first love, but “left” it or strayed from it, what is the simple remedy? 2 Chronicles 7: 14; and why is there no excuse? Romans 12: 1; Romans 10: 6 – 10; Revelation 3: 19

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