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Bone of My Bones

Lesson No.


Jan 30, 2021

Subject: Bone of My Bones

Scripture Reading: Genesis 2: 18 – 25

Memory Verse: Genesis 2: 23

Objective: To gain insight into the God-given purposes for marriage and home, and to encourage the greater blessings of harmonious family life.

Introduction: Marriage vows express a covenant that binds each partner to the other for life, despite problems, hardships and conflicts. Both husband and wife are to leave their former home and redirect their energies to caring for each other. The distinctive aspect of Christian marriage is that this covenant is secondary to the couple’s commitment to Christ. They accept the will of God for every area of married life — the mortar holding the bricks of their marriage together.

1. How was the first marriage established? Genesis 2: 18 & 21 – 23

2. What distinguishes the marital union from other relationships? Genesis 2: 24 & Matthew 19: 4 – 6

3. What attitude of love should be expressed by a married couple? Ephesians 4: 32 & 5: 21 – 30

Note: Adam referred to Eve as “bone of his very own bones”. In essence, of all God’s wonderful creation in the Garden of Eden, Eve was the only one intimately connected to Adam. This is so because she was made out of Adam’s physical genetic substance, that is, Eve’s bones were made from the bone of Adam’s rib. As a result, they both became ‘one flesh’. Male and female cannot define themselves fully as human without the other, and it is the male and female together as one flesh that reflects the image of GOD. This is also the Biblical justification for marriage being defined as monogamous and being lifelong.

4. What commitments are necessary for marriage, according to Romans 7: 2 & 3; and Mark 10: 9?

5. Consider some examples of husband-wife relationships in the Bible. Genesis 29: 17 – 20; Ruth 3: 9 – 14; Matthew 1: 18 – 25. Apply the following attributes to these marriages: loyalty, self-sacrifice, kindness, and understanding.

6. What formula could be used to guarantee marital success? 1 Peter 3:1 – 2, 7 & 8

Note: The key to putting the principle of genuine love into practice is selflessness. Marriage is a commitment of one hundred percent from each partner. The maturity out of self-centeredness evolves into genuine love. Understanding yourself in the will of God will help you to understand your partner. Getting married does not guarantee success, but the courtesies by which you won each other should continue throughout your marriage for success. Many persons compromise what God intended and would like to teach men otherwise to pacify their selfish needs. Anything outside of the will of God will be a recipe for a disaster.

Conclusion: The highest objective of a husband and wife is their love for Christ expressed and illustrated in their love for each other.

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