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Cast Not Away Your Confidence

Lesson No.


Sep 23, 2023

Subject: Cast Not Away Your Confidence

Scripture Reading: John 5: 1 – 9

Memory Verse: Hebrews 10: 35

Objective: To make sure while we wait that ''there is nothing between our souls and our Saviour''.

1. How does John 5: 3 – 5 show that this impotent man was not just lying at the pool but really had hopeful expectations?

2. What seemingly absurd question did Jesus ask this man? John 5: 6

3. Instead of answering with positive exuberance, what was his response? John 5: 7

Note: It is possible from a spiritual perspective, that Jesus is asking today, if we really want to be healed from any crippling situation, that we may find ourselves in. He could also be asking if we are satisfied with showing up at the pool as a routine, waiting to make excuses about why we are not healed. The opportunity for a resounding yes to Jesus’ question is now.

4. What are some ways that believers can be crippled spiritually? Genesis 4: 4 – 9, Hebrews 12: 15, James 4: 1 – 3

5. Upon acknowledging our need to be made whole, what is the believers’ next move and what is the promise of a loving Father? Psalm 142: 1 – 2, 77: 1

6. What was and still is important about the urgency of heeding God's commands? 1 Samuel 21: 8 (last part), John 5: 8 – 9

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