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Choose To Die Once

Lesson No.


Dec 2, 2023

Subject: Choose To Die Once

Scripture Reading: Revelation 20

Memory Verses: Hebrews 9: 27 – 28

Objective: To reaffirm believers that eternal life is available for all.

1. Identify the reason why Jesus Christ gave up His divinity? John 3:16 – 17, John 10: 10

2. What was given to us to ensure we escape the second death? Revelation 22: 14 – 15

3. How are the followers of Christ comforted in Revelation 20: 6?

4. Identify the purpose for the second death and who will suffer that fate? Revelation 20: 14 & 15

5. Many believe that death is final, and the grave is hell. What does the bible say on this? Revelation 20: 12 – 13

6. Job asked a question in Job 14: 14, what answer comes to us from Jesus in John 11: 25?

Note: Examine Joshua’s advice to Israel in Deuteronomy 30: 15 & 19 and make an effort to apply it toourselves. We must consciously decide to serve God with all our being; continue to the end and we shall be saved.

7. What divine consolation can we hold on to in Revelation 14: 13?

Conclusion: The first death is mandatory. It was pronounced upon all flesh when Adam & Eve sinned. We have a chance to escape the second death by accepting Christ, repent, be baptized and keep God’s holy ten commandments.

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