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David Anointed King

Lesson No.


Mar 21, 2020

Subject: David Anointed King

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 16

Memory Verse: 1 Samuel 16: 13

1. What question did the Lord ask Samuel when he mourned for Saul? 1 Samuel 16: 1

Note: Every true servant in all ages has compassion. It is a wicked heart that rejoices over the one who falls away. Paul said: ‘Those who are spiritual should restore the fallen.’ This Samuel would have done if he could, but Saul’s sin was willful and he was beyond restoration.

2. How did Samuel feel about anointing another and how was he advised to proceed? 1 Samuel 16: 2 - 5

3. When he came to Bethlehem, how was he regarded? What did he do to Jesse’s sons? 1 Samuel 16: 4 - 5

4. What was his first impression of Eliab? 1 Samuel 16: 6 – 7

Note: Man-made plans and guess work are sapping the vitality of the church today. The Almighty has an overall plan for man. He wants us to fit into His plan, not for Him to fit in ours.

5. After the older sons were made to pass before Samuel, who did God choose and did the Spirit come upon him after he was anointed by Samuel? 1 Samuel 16: 10 - 13

6. How did David behave himself before the people even though he was hated by Saul? 1 Samuel 18: 14 & 16

Note: In the name of the Lord, David killed Goliath and led his men against the Philistines. Despite Saul’s hatred and his desire to kill, he still remained a true servant to God and to the king. Let us never take matters into our own hands but allow God to work on our behalf.

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