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Divinely Orchestrated

Lesson No.


Mar 2, 2024

Subject: Divinely Orchestrated

Scripture Reading: Genesis 45: 1 – 21

Memory Verse: Romans 8: 28

Objective: To reassure believers that God is working assiduously behind the scenes in our lives.

Introduction: The Cambridge Dictionary defines orchestrate as planning and organizing things carefully in order to achieve a desired result. Our lives are divinely orchestrated by God. He is carefully guiding our steps, there is no coincidence with Him. Your life may not make sense now, but God’s plan for you will be revealed in His perfect time. He knows exactly what He is doing and has your life planned for His purpose. He is the Orchestrator!

1. Has there been anyone that was or is able to fathom the mind of God and what His thoughts for us are? Jeremiah 29: 11; Isaiah 55: 8 & 9; Romans 11: 33 & 34

2. State Joseph's age when God recruited him for His purpose. Genesis 37: 2

3. Describe the start and state the results. Genesis 37: 5 – 11, 15 – 20& 23 – 28

4. Explain the twist of fate that met Joseph even though God was with him. Genesis 39: 2 – 4 & 17 – 20

5. Identify two divine happenings that showed that God was in the details of Joseph’s life. Genesis 40: 1 – 23; 41: 1 – 32?

6. State Joseph's age and how he was reinstated. Genesis 41: 39 – 43 & 46

7. Joseph realized and acknowledged God’s divine plan, what was his testimony? Genesis 45: 4 – 8

8. How does Ecclesiastes describe the divinely orchestrated journey?  Ecclesiastes 3: 1 – 7

9. What does the psalmist say about escaping God’s divine plan in Psalms 139: 1 – 12, and what reminder was given by Paul in Romans 8: 28?

Conclusion: God is loving and knowledgeable enough to know what is BEST for us. Our every moment is in His hands. We should never doubt or fear the outcome because He is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we think. We sometimes believe that God is busy minding His own business, but instead He is behind the scenes directing our lives. The unseen realm is where God is busy bringing about His purpose in our lives. He never stops working until all is fulfilled!

Thought Provoking Question:

Are you allowing God to orchestrate every detail of your life?

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