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Engaged in Righteousness

Lesson No.


Oct 30, 2021

Subject: Engaged in Righteousness

Scripture Reading: Genesis 39

Memory Verse: Hosea 10: 12

Objective: To highlight the importance and effectiveness of right doing.

Introduction: In a world woven with much distractibility, it is often a challenge to remain focused in right doing. Sometimes it seems that we put Christ on the back burner until Sabbath, but we are to constantly ensure that right doing is entwined in our daily living. Are you living a prayerful life? How sincere are your fasts? How do you treat your spouse, children, brethren, neighbors…others? Are your goals aligned with being saved? Are you bogged down with the cares of life? Settle yourself in the lane of righteousness by seeking the path that God wants you to tread.

1. Where was Joseph taken, and did he continue to live righteously on a daily basis? Genesis 39: 1 – 6

2. Describe the major challenge that he faced in Potiphar’s house after God’s favor rendered great success? Genesis 39: 7

3. How did Joseph respond to the challenge? Genesis 39: 8 – 9

Note: Joseph mentioned that he would not sin against God. He was exposed to the will of God and His commandments because God defines sin as breaking His laws (1st John 3: 4). Mrs. Potiphar was driven by lust, but she met a man intrinsically motivated to do that which is right. He suffered for it, but his suffering propelled him into the middle of the plan that God had for him. Joseph learned how to handle much success and a lot of resources (in Potiphar’s house), in preparation for leading Egypt in a time of famine, hence the prison experience, teaching him to manage limited resources. Whilst we are engaged in righteousness, God teaches us important lessons for success!

4. Jacob requested that his family prepare to meet God. What was the specific request, how did they respond, and how did God guide them whilst they were engaged in righteousness? Genesis 35: 1 – 7

5. What advice was given to Israel, by the inspired prophet, that can help us today? Hosea 10: 12; and how did Titus concur with Hosea? Titus 2: 12

6. How did Jesus demonstrate right living? Luke 4: 16; John 17: 1, 6 – 9. (Additional reading - Matthew 4: 1 – 10; 5: 20 – 25; 22: 17 – 21)

7. Cares of life can derail our focus, how did Christ address one root (covetousness) of this spiritual cancer? Luke 12: 15

Conclusion: ‘One day at a time!’ Yes, we can do it! It does not matter where we are, or what we are going through, God expects us to stay committed to right doing. Follow Jesus: keep God’s Commandment, participate in Sabbath school, overcome temptations with the words of God.

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