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Exploring Effectual Fervent Prayers

Lesson No.


Jan 14, 2023

Subject: Exploring Effectual Fervent Prayers

Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 1: 4 – 11

Memory Verse: James 5: 17

Objective: To unearth what it means to pray effectively and fervently.

1. With what level of humility did Nehemiah approach the holy God of Israel? What can be said of his confidence in God and the motive for his prayer? Nehemiah 1: 1 – 6

2. How did this conscious believer begin his supplication and what confidence did he express in an ever-faithful Creator? Nehemiah 1: 7 – 11

3. Was Ezra’s prayer any different when he too sought favour from our faithful God? How deeply did he involve himself in the nation’s guilt? Ezra 9: 3 – 15

4. Why should we be able to make petitions with all assurance of being shown favour? Malachi 3: 6, Hebrews 4: 14 – 16

5. When we fail to achieve the desired answers to our prayers, what genuine evaluation should we undertake? Psalm 84: 11, James 4: 3

6. What are other factors to note when seeking God’s favour? Luke 18: 13 – 14, Matthew 6: 5 – 8

7. On what note can we end this lesson? Luke 11: 1

Note: While it is absolutely important that we seek God's help every time, we must desire to do it correctly. Our God uses various strategies to teach us. He has a very unique way of reaching every man to effect the necessary change in him. When we are in sync with God, the answers to our prayers will always be within His will for us - just ASK.

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