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Faithful Zadok, Forthright Nathan

Lesson No.


Dec 14, 2019

Subject: Faithful Zadok, Forthright Nathan

Scripture Reading: 1 Kings 1: 1 -10

Memory Verse: 1 Kings 2: 27


1. After the Lord had subdued David’s enemies many came to help him. How does the scripture introduce us to Zadok the priest? 1 Chronicles 12: 22 - 28, 2 Samuel 8: 15 - 17


2. When Absalom, the king’s own son, led an uprising against him, what supporting role did Zadok play? 2 Samuel 15: 14 - 24


3. Years later when Adonijah, another of David’s sons, rose against him, how did Zadok, God’s faithful priest, differentiate himself from Abiathar the opportunist? 1 Kings 1: 5 - 8


4. How did the destruction of the household of a faithless priest occurred and what was said of faithful Zadok? 1 Samuel 2: 27 - 35


5. Nathan the prophet had just approved king David’s plans to build a house for the Lord. However how did this God-fearing prophet display moral soundness shortly afterwards? 2 Samuel 7: 1 - 17


6. How did this prophet prove his loyal to both God and his king? 2 Samuel 12: 1 - 14


7. When king David was faced with another dilemma in his old age, how did Nathan respectfully contribute to the solution? 1 Kings 1: 15 - 40


Note: Every God-fearing king should desire to be surrounded by loyal and faithful prophets and ministering servants as Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet. Men of sound moral character having spiritual eyes. When presented with opportunities these men did not defect, but remained faithful to the king. Both men had it in them to respectfully speak the truth to their king, fearing not the cost. They wavered not in faithfulness and truth.


8. Is God looking for the same qualities of Zadok and Nathan in us today and why? 1 Peter 2: 5, 9 - 10

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