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Finding Joy in the Midst of Chaos

Lesson No.


Mar 23, 2024

Subject: Finding Joy in the Midst of Chaos

Scripture: Psalm 77

Memory Verses: Psalm 77: 2 & 10

Objective: To remind believers that though our paths may seem chaotic, we can learn to find joy knowing the fourth man is always with you.

1. As God’s children, how do we sometimes feel in the midst of chaotic situations? Psalm 77: 1 – 4, Job 23: 8 – 9. However, what are some things that we can do? Psalm 77: 10 – 15, and remind ourselves of? Job 23: 10 – 15

2. When bombarded with overwhelming situations, instead of panicking what should we do? 2 Chronicles 20: 3 – 12. Although Jehoshaphat acknowledged that he didn’t know what to do, what did he conclude in 2 Chronicles 20: 12?

3. At times our chaotic situations may rock our confidence in God, however, what are we advised not to do and why? Hebrews 10: 35 – 39

Note: It is important to note that as believers our faith will always be placed under pressure. Although it is sometimes a common tendency for us to forget the divine power we know, let us not allow our confidence to become so shaken that we give in to the chaos that surrounds us.

4. What are somethings that believers can do to deal with overwhelming situations, while displaying confidence in our God? Psalm 37: 1 – 7

5. Instead of feeling cast down and embracing the negative energy what are we encouraged to do in Psalm 42: 5, 10 & 11?

6. Why should we look beyond our situations and trust Apostle Paul’s advice to set our affections above? Colossians 3: 1 – 4, and what else should we do and why? 1 Peter 5: 7

7. Although we may sometimes feel like our situations are burying and suffocating us, of what are we reminded? Isaiah 40: 28 – 31

8. Though it may not be an easy task, what can believers do to obtain the right mindset in the midst of chaos? Philippians 4: 8

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