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Lesson No.


Nov 4, 2023

Subject: Finding STRENGTH DURING the STORM

Scripture Reading: Job 1

Memory Verse: Psalm 46: 10

Objective: To help believers cope in seasons of distress.

Introduction: According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary 2020, a storm is a violent disturbance of the atmosphere marked by wind and usually accompanied by rain, thunder, lightning, snow, or hail. As children of God, we will face some disturbances or situations that will threaten our peace of mind and challenge our faith. Life’s storms may be in the form of sickness, unemployment, grief, broken relationships among others. These storms may be untimely and definitely unwanted but are extremely beneficial. So, we should embrace the fact that our anchor holds.

1. Despite the disruptions in our lives, do we have an ultimate source of help? Psalm 34: 4, Psalm 46: 10. State the likely outcome. Psalm 34: 17 – 19

2. List the evidence that showed Job faced multiple storms, and describe his reaction? Job 1: 13 – 22. Similarly, how did Paul and Silas react in their storm? Acts 16: 25 – 26

3. While we undergo our disturbances what assurance do we have? Isaiah 43: 2

4. What will happen when our primary focus is on our storms? Matthew 14: 28 – 30

5. What is said of those who demonstrate faith during their storm? Nahum 1: 7, and how will we be sustained during those times? 2 Corinthians 12: 8 – 9, Isaiah 40: 29 – 31

Note: The eye of a storm is its most peaceful. We must remain in Jesus to reduce the impact of a storm on us. Finding peace in our situations as we draw strength from Him allows Him to sustain us while the storm passes by.

6. What precautionary measures should we take as weprepare for life’s storm? Matthew 7: 24 – 27, Matthew 17: 20 - 21, Jeremiah 17: 7

Note: During the hurricane season one is cautioned to follow certain basic procedures to protect lives and property damages. Like the physical, spiritual storms must be treated in a similar manner. Though we may not know when life's storms will hit, we should make the necessary preparations so that we will be able to stand firm irrespective of the magnitude and duration of the storm. We should take the most earnest heed to secure our faith firmly on the solid foundation prior to inevitable storms we may face.

7. What was Jesus' attitude when He faced one particular storm? Matthew 26: 36 – 39. What is said of Job's attitude when he experienced his season of distress? Job 27: 2 – 6

8. How are our storms in life described in 2 Corinthians 4: 16 – 18, and the benefit of these.

9. When we hold on to God during these trying times what will be the result? Job 23: 10

Encouragement: Invite God into your difficulties and He will give you sufficient grace to weather the storm!

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