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Five Earthly Kingdoms Announced

Lesson No.


May 28, 2022

Subject: Five Earthly Kingdoms Announced

Scripture Reading: Daniel 2: 20 - 45

Memory Verse: Daniel 2: 44

Objective: To remind the brethren of where we are in regards to the establishment of the fifth kingdom.

1. What happened to Nebuchadnezzar in the second year of his reign and where did he seek the interpretation for this occurrence? Daniel 2: 1 - 9

Note: We must recognize that God speaks to man in dreams and visions. Job 4: 13; Acts 10: 3 & 17

2. What pronouncement was forced upon the wise men of Babylon and what was Daniel’s request? Daniel 2: 10 – 11

Note: There is no secret that is not known to our God. He reveals them to whomever He will at the most appropriate time.

3. When Daniel and his companions sought the Lord to reveal the dream, what was the result? Daniel 2: 17 - 19

Note: The image shown to the king in the vision was the medium that God used to preempt world events. Today, history provides strong evidence that the words of God are credible and can be trusted.

4. What was the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar? Daniel 2: 31 - 35

5. How many universal kingdoms preceded the kingdom of Heaven and what was the representation of the metallic substances? Daniel 2: 36 - 40

6. As a representation of the weak and unstable conditions of the Gentile world as it comes to its close, what was said of the feet and the toes? Daniel 2: 41 – 43

7. These four kingdoms have come in their proper order according to divine announcement; what part of the vision is yet to come? Daniel 2: 44 – 45

Conclusion: It is evident that God did not intend to leave man in the dark. He speaks very clearly in the scriptures of the kingdom to come and the responsibility of King Jesus to restore earth to its original state. Having such strong evidence of the four universal kingdoms, the fifth is certainly coming. We must make a conscious effort to live by these words and be saved.

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