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God’s Giving Power

Lesson No.


Jan 27, 2024

Subject: God’s Giving Power

Scripture Reading: Exodus 16: 1 – 18

Memory Verse: Psalm 84: 11

Objective: To embrace God’s ability to provide in all circumstance.

Introduction: Throughout the scriptures, we are encouraged to have faith, trust in God and worry less. One central promise that God made to His believers is that He will always make provision for us. Ephesians 3:20 declares that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. God is never limited in His ability to give - we however have a very limited capacity to receive. He has never given His people minute morsels. His servings are copious. Do you believe in God’s ability and trust His promise? Are you trusting in His majestic power to give you whatever you desire to satisfy your needs?

1. Who can supply all our needs? Philippians 4: 19; and what is said about those who walk uprightly? Psalm 84: 11

2. State the reason for God’s love for mankind, identify the gift He gave, and through whom it was given. John 3: 16; Romans 8: 32

Note: Every believer is included in God’s provision because of His unconditional love. God’s ability to give is not limited to one’s age, gender, occupation, status or accomplishments. Once we are living up to His precepts and statutes, we are all in the position to receive.

3. How did God manifest His giving power in the midst of Israel’s murmuring and complaining? Exodus 16: 8 & 13 – 17; Exodus 17: 1 – 7

4. Explain how provision was made for the multitude that followed Jesus. Matthew 14: 15 – 21

5. State how we can make requests of the Father? Matthew 7: 7; and what is asked of us in John 15: 7 & Psalm 37: 3 – 5?

6. When we abide in God, will we be in wants? Psalm 23: 1; and what reassurance is there in Psalm 37: 25?

7. While we depend on God’s giving power, how are we encouraged, and of what are we cautioned? 2 Corinthians 9: 6 – 7; Luke 6: 38; Matthew 6: 3 – 4; Acts 20: 35 (last part)

Note: Humans’ ability to give is fickle and conditional, while God’s ability is so unconditional and constant, we cannot measure it.

8. In our times of discouragement and hopelessness, what reminder comes to us from James 1: 17; Hebrews 13: 8 & Malachi 3: 6 (Part A)?

Note: Jehovah Jireh, our provider, is an immutable God who NEVER changes. His ability to provide then is still the same today. Whatever you are trusting God for, be assured that He is able to give it to you; seek Him.

Encouragement: Make yourself available to receive; God is always ready to perform!

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