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I Have Told You Before

Lesson No.


Nov 2, 2019

Subject: I Have Told You Before

Scripture Reading: Mark 13

Memory Verses: Matthew 24: 24 & 25


Note: Both print and electronic media around the world continue to report prophetic events occurring daily. These events were foretold by Christ, almost two thousand years ago.


1. Christ spoke to His disciples of the proliferation of all types of religions in the end time. What did He say? Mark 13: 5 - 6, Matthew 24: 3 - 5, Luke 21: 7 - 8


Note: Religious deception is the deadliest of all end time prophecies. Jesus made sure to mention /warn of it first. Generally speaking, God’s people identify Babylonian customs readily (Isaiah 8:20). However, closer scrutiny revealed that many of the ‘Churches of God’ have begun to fashion a type of lifestyle not practiced by the apostles. We are hereby encouraged to be a part of the “few in Sardis” who have not defiled their garments.


2. Was escalating violence spoken of? (Genocides, small wars and threatening of larger wars?) Mark 13:7, 8 (First Part), Luke 21: 9 - 10


3. What was foretold of earthquakes, hurricanes, drought, wildfires, floods and mass migration? Mark 13:8 (Last Part), Luke 21: 11


Note: Today, mankind has blamed much of the devastation on climate change or global warming. The birds, cattle and even mosquitoes have been blamed for many of the new drug resistant strains of diseases - whether Ebola, Mad Cow, SARS, Dengue, H1N1, Chick V or Zik V. Man would rather deceive himself than acknowledge the Creator.

4. Unlike the time of Daniel, has knowledge increased sufficiently for us to observe the signs and link the prophecies? Daniel 12: 4 - 9, Revelation 1: 1 - 3, 22:10


5. After exposing some of the deceptions of the last day, how did Peter and Jude exhort the remnant 2 Peter 2:11 – 14, Jude 17 - 23


6. What final words come to us from Jesus Himself? Revelation 18: 4, 22: 12 - 13, 16 – 19

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