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Lesson No.


Jul 8, 2023


Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 30: 1 – 20

Memory Verse: Jeremiah 10: 23

Objective: To impress in the believers’ hearts that they should seek God’s guidance in every situation.

Introduction: The writer penned the words of the song ‘Each step I take, my Saviour goes before me and with His loving hand, He leads the way.’ This shows total dependence on God in all things, allowing Him to take charge of our steps, and allowing us to do His will. When we follow God’s words and obey His voice, we will step correctly, otherwise we will walk down the wrong road.

1. When we enquire of the Lord, what should we do according to Proverbs 3: 5 – 6, and what is said of the steps of a good man? Psalm 37: 23

2. What wonderful benefits are attained when we allow God to order our steps? 2 Samuel 22: 33 – 34 & 37

3. David was a man after God’s own heart. The passion that he had for God resulted in him allowing God to order his steps. Identify instances where he, not only enquired of God, but listened and obeyed the voice of the Lord. 1 Samuel 23: 1 – 5, 30: 1 – 9; 2 Samuel 2: 1 – 4, 5: 17 – 25

4. When we allow God to order our steps and seek confirmation from Him before we act, we will never act in error. How did king David illustrate this after being told by the Lord to go down to Keilah to fight the Philistines and then receiving word that Saul was plotting mischief against him? 1 Samuel 23: 10 – 13

Note: In David, we find a man who tried his best to seek God for guidance in all situations. David not only sought God for direction but he waited, listened and acted based on what God told him to do. There was never a breakdown in communication between David and God, as all his life he enquired of the Lord.

5. After forming an alliance with king Ahab to battle, what did king Jehoshaphat ask of the king of Israel? 1 Kings 22: 5. What was the word from four hundred lying prophets? 1 Kings 22: 6, and how did the words of the prophet of the Lord contradict the lying prophets? 1 Kings 22: 17

6. Being displeased with what the Lord had spoken through the prophet, what did the king of Israel do? 1 Kings 22: 26 – 28, and what happened because king Ahab did not believe the Lord’s prophet? 1 Kings 22: 29 – 37

7. Moses did not take everything in his own hands though he was the ruler over the children of Israel. What did he do when faced with an uncertain situation regarding a sacred ceremony kept by the children of Israel? Numbers 9: 6 – 11

Note: God rewards and helps those who follow His laws and obey His voice. Many believers place seeking God’s wisdom and guidance as a last resort when making decisions, and when things go wrong they invariably turn to God for help.

8. In this present time when God is not speaking directly to his people, what resource has He given to believers to allow Him to direct our steps? Psalm 119: 105, Psalm 119: 133a. In response to the psalmist, what benefits are obtained? 2 Timothy 3: 16. What greater help do we have and what should we exercise? John 16: 13 & Mark 11: 22.

Encouragement: Wait expectantly for God’s guidance and believe that He will order your steps according to His will.

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