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Lord’s Supper: The Great Transaction

Lesson No.


Apr 1, 2023

Subject: Lord’s Supper: The Great Transaction

Scripture Reading: John 19: 1 – 35

Memory Verses: Matthew 20: 18 & 19

Objective: To highlight the great sacrifice that Christ made for us.

Introduction: There are many controversial views about how the Lord’s Supper should be observed. These have sometimes caused distractions from this great transaction. The scripture clearly outlines the season and how this event must be done. As we draw closer to that time, let us focus on the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made for us.

1. Identify the specific criteria set by God for the lamb sacrificed by Israel. Exodus 12: 5 & 6

2. According to the scriptures, did Jesus fit these criteria? Hebrews 10: 8 – 10; John 1: 29 & 36

3. The lamb was killed in the evening (see Exodus 12: 6). When did Jesus die? Matthew 27: 46 – 50

Note: The evidence directly points to Jesus Christ being the Lamb that was slain for the sins of men. Any man who fails to accept this payment for sin must himself pay for his own sins – eternal death.

4. How did Jesus respond to Pilate who was in a confused state? John 18: 33 – 38

5. What choice did the people make, and was there a reason for this? Matthew 27: 15 – 26

6. Identify how Jesus was humiliated during this ordeal. Matthew 27: 27 – 37

Note: Stop! Take an in-depth look at this event and try to imagine what the real cost of your sin is. Had we paid the price, man would be non-existent. There is no reason for mankind to be lost when Jesus did all to save us.

7. Is there a balance brought forward after this transaction? Matthew 27: 46, 47 & 50; Luke 23: 46; John 19: 30

Conclusion: The transaction that took place in the time of the Roman Empire was enough to vindicate humanity. When Israel was delivered from the death angel, it was a phenomenal happening. The death of the only begotten son of the Father is incomparable to any moment one can experience in his/her lifetime. When we sit at the table to partake of this emblem, we must do so with humility and gratitude as we commit to walk honestly in obedience to the great God of heaven.

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