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One Foundation; One Church

Lesson No.


Jun 10, 2023

Subject: One Foundation; One Church

Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 3: 1 – 15

Memory Verses: 1 Corinthians 3: 10 – 11

Objective: To encourage believers to keep building on the sure foundation laid by Jesus, the chief corner stone.

1. Why were the Bereans commended in Acts 17: 11?

2. On what foundation is the church of God built, and what was Paul’s warning to subsequent builders/instructors and fellow brethren? 1 Corinthians 3: 9 – 15, 4: 14 – 16

3. What declaration did John the Baptist make in Luke 3: 15 – 16, and beginning with the chief corner stone, what did God Himself do for Jesus who was in the flesh at that time? Acts 10: 34 – 40

4. Prior to his ascension, what promise did Jesus make with his followers as they prepared for worldwide evangelism? Acts 1: 4 – 8

5. In Acts 2: 37 – 39, what word of knowledge did Peter declare to the listeners, and who else were included in such a promise?

6. Did early church leaders consider this promise to be important? Acts 8: 15 – 23, 19: 2 – 6; and how was the learned and illustrious apostle Paul empowered to function on his new mission? Acts 9: 15 – 17

Note: The Spirit of God is not one dimensional – the scope of which cannot be searched out. It is the Spirit of God that engrafts all those who vow to walk in obedience to God’s words into the body of Christ. It is that same Spirit that points out sin, convicts us when we do wrong, and helps us to live free from sin. That same Spirit will further empower us with the baptism of the Holy Ghost in God’s timing. Men of old – Moses, Eldad, Medad, Sampson, Gideon, Elijah, and Elisha – did extraordinary things by the power of the Holy Ghost. Many amazing things have been done through the power of the Holy Ghost in this dispensation and will continue until the end. Consider this statement made by John, who lived through many persecutions so he could receive the revelation: 1 John 2: 27.

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