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Quick Fix to a Situation

Lesson No.


Aug 26, 2023

Subject: Quick Fix to a Situation

Scripture Reading: Genesis 16

Memory Verse: Genesis 16: 4

Objective: To highlight the importance of avoiding temporary fixes while we patiently wait for God’s permanent solution.

Introduction: Often when faced with situations or circumstances that we cannot handle, we frantically grasp at anything, during our season of desperation, as remedies that temporarily solve our problems. These are quick fixes which cause adverse effects such as heartbreaks, with repercussions that our minds are not built to handle. It does not and will never hurt to wait on God to provide permanent and practical solutions, according to His will, to issues that we face. If you are going through a storm, you will be sheltered if you put your trust in the Master of the storm. Let Him pilot you!

1. When we are faced with issues, we are encouraged not to act too quickly. How do scriptures support this statement? Psalm 27: 14, Psalm 37: 7 (part a), Isaiah 40: 31

Note: Waiting patiently on God to intervene in whatever circumstances we face will avoid the need for quick fixes. When we search the scriptures, there is no quick fix in God’s words. When it comes to depending on Him and His words, we are always told to WAIT. He does not always provide immediate solutions because He wants us to trust Him.

2. According to Genesis 14: 1 – 5, what promise was made to Abram by God? Sarah grew tired of waiting and so she took matters into her own hands. What temporary solution did she put in place and what happened as a result of her decision? Genesis 16: 1 – 5

Note: God places a very high value on processes to accomplish His will in such a way that quick fixes are avoided. He is perfect and does all things well, hence the reason He takes things in stages. Take for example, God creating the heaven and the earth and everything in it. He is so powerful and mighty that He was able to create everything in one day, but He did it in stages just to show step by step His marvellous works. We are going through the stages with guarantee to see the marvellous works He is doing to accomplish His will for our lives.

3. David committed a great sin. What was this sin according to 2 Samuel 11: 2 – 5? After realizing what he had done, what was the quick fix to his problem after several attempts to get Uriah to go home to Bathsheba? 2 Samuel 11: 14 – 17, and what consequences followed? 2 Samuel 12: 10 – 14

4. What quick fix did the children of Israel make when Moses delayed coming down from the Mount? Exodus 32: 1 – 4. Angry at their actions, what were the penalties involved? Exodus 32: 20 & 35

Note: Quick fixes fix nothing! In fact, they only make matters worse and result in us committing sin against the Lord. We must pay the consequences for the choices or decisions we make.

5. What warning comes to those who disregard the Lord’s ability to work on their behalf and take matters into their own hands? Psalm 106: 39 – 40, Romans 1: 18

6. What words of comfort come to us from the prophet Jeremiah when we are forced or tempted to engage in quick fixes? Jeremiah 29: 12, Psalm 84: 1 (last part), and how should we encourage ourselves while we wait on God? Lamentations 3: 24 – 26

Thought Provoking Question:

Are you leaning on your own understanding instead of trusting God with all your heart?

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