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Saul’s Disobedience and Rejection

Lesson No.


May 7, 2022

Subject: Saul’s Disobedience and Rejection

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 15

Memory Verse: 1 Samuel 15: 26

Objective: To highlight the result of disobedience.

1. After becoming king, what wrong move did Saul make? 1 Samuel 13: 5 - 10

Note: God clearly distinguishes the roles of kings and priests. Hence, it was not Saul’s place to offer the burnt offering despite the distress of the people and the absence of Samuel, the priest.

2. What question was asked of Saul by Samuel, and what was his reply? 1 Samuel 13: 11 - 12

3. What declaration did Samuel make, and what would have been Saul’s fate if he had not acted in that manner? 1 Samuel 13: 13

4. In another instance, what command was given to Saul? 1 Samuel 15: 1 - 3

5. How obedient was Saul to that command? 1 Samuel 15: 7 – 9

6. What word did Samuel receive from the Lord in regards to Saul’s action? 1 Samuel 15: 10 - 11; and what effect did this have on Samuel?

7. When Samuel met Saul, what was Saul’s bold statement? 1 Samuel 15: 13

8. What did God use to witness against Saul when he lied, and what was his excuse? 1 Samuel 15: 14 - 15 & 24; what was also noted about rebellion and stubbornness according to verse 23?

Note: It is clear that Saul’s action in 1 Samuel 13 helped to shape his path. It is also noted that he had an opportunity to amend his ways and prove himself worthy but chose not to. Let us be cautious that we do not risk our place in God’s Kingdom for a willful act of disobedience. It can seal our doom, and/or mar our consciences, as well as make the thought of other sinful acts minute and easy to do.

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