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Setting the Stage for Armageddon

Lesson No.


Aug 20, 2022

Subject: Setting the Stage for Armageddon

Scripture Reading: Joel 3

Memory Verse: Joel 3: 9

Objective: To highlight the culminating events prior to the day of the Lord.

1. Before the nations are brought to judgement in Jerusalem, which tribe will be there? Joel 3: 1, Zechariah 12: 2

2. How long did Jesus say that the Jews will be led into captivity? Luke 21: 24; and what conditions did He say would prevail on the earth as the Gentile time comes to an end? Luke 21: 25 – 26

Note: There has been great perplexity and distress of nations in recent months as the western block of nations loses their grip on the Arab nations surrounding Israel. These Arab nations will join forces with Russia in the fight against Israel.

3. What did Isaiah tell us concerning the ending of the Gentiles’ rule over the world? Isaiah 34: 1 – 3; and what is especially said about ‘Idumea’ Edom? Isaiah 34: 5 – 6

Note: Idumea or Edom refers to the Arab nations now surrounding little Israel, who are so determined to destroy her.

4. What does the prophet Zechariah say about Jerusalem becoming a point of controversy between nations? Zechariah 12: 2 – 3; and will the Jews be at Jerusalem at this time, and what is said about the strength of their conquest? Zechariah 12: 6

5. How will this controversy over Zion end? Zechariah 14: 1 – 3, Joel 3: 16 – 17; and what will happen to the people who are against Jerusalem? Zechariah 14: 12

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