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Strife and Backbiting

Lesson No.


Apr 30, 2022

Subject: Strife and Backbiting

Scripture Reading: 2 Timothy 2

Memory Verse: 2 Timothy 2: 14

Objective: To emphasize the danger of strife and backbiting.

1. What important charge was given to the saints of God? 2 Timothy 2: 14

2. What warning is given to us regarding trivial matters? If not adhered to, what can be the result? 2 Timothy 2: 16; what are these forbidden traits compared to? 2 Timothy 2: 17

Note: A canker is a severe sore that will eventually lead to physical death. In a similar manner, backbiting, contention, and strife will lead to spiritual death.

3. Although asking questions is crucial for enlightenment, what questions are we advised to avoid and for what reason? 2 Timothy 2: 23

4. On the other hand, what questions should we be keen to seek answers to? 1 Timothy 1: 4 (last part)

Note: Here, we are encouraged to avoid questions or actions which foster war, while embracing and encouraging the things that give occasion to godly edification.

5. As servants of God, what are we commanded to do? What is also important to adopt in order to avoid strife? 2 Timothy 2: 24

6. Is speaking evil of others something that we should be practising? Titus 3: 2 – 3

7. When God’s love is shed on our hearts, what change should be seen? Titus 3: 3 - 7

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