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Test the Knowledge, Examine the Evidence

Lesson No.


May 8, 2021

Subject: Test the Knowledge, Examine the Evidence

Scripture Reading: Genesis 3

Memory Verse: Ecclesiastes 8: 11

Objective: To be aware of the source of knowledge and the outcome it will bring.

1. What command did God give to ‘the man’ regarding the trees in the garden? Genesis 2: 15 - 17

2. In his cunning craftiness, what malicious doubt did the serpent inject when he misquoted God’s words and how did the woman buy into it? Genesis 3: 1 - 6

3. The fact that the woman, having eaten of the fruit and was still alive, was ‘supposedly’ enough evidence for Adam to eat likewise. To what then was their eyes opened? Genesis 3: 7

4. Failing to test the knowledge and examine the evidence, how did man begin the blame game and what consequences ensued? Genesis 3: 9 - 19

5. John, in his day, recognized that there are many other spirits/voices. What did he say informed believers should do? 1 John 4: 1; how did Paul admonish the Ephesians? Ephesians 4: 14 – 18; and what did Jesus say on this matter? Matthew 7: 16 – 20

6. How long did Samaria have to wait to examine the evidence presented to them? Acts 8: 5 – 25; and how about the Jews and Greeks in Acts 19: 4 – 20?

7. What can we learn from the spiritually mature Gamaliel who tested much knowledge and examined much evidence? Acts 5: 33 - 41

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