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The Calling of Watchmen and Their True Purpose

Lesson No.


Aug 15, 2020

Subject: The Calling of Watchmen and Their True Purpose

Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 2

Memory Verses: Ezekiel 33: 6 – 7

Objective: To remind believers to walk in their purpose.

1. By whom are watchmen commissioned? Ezekiel 3: 16 – 17

Note: A watchman is commissioned by God to bring a word. It may point out a specific direction or be a warning, to restrain actions that would be potentially dangerous for His people. The physical watchman was stationed on the walls of the city where he could see potential enemies approaching and make an alarm. The spiritual watchman’s job is to inform God’s people of any message he is given by God. The sovereign creator chooses whomever He wishes. The donkey was used as Balaam’s ‘watchman’ or seer.

2. How is the watchman equipped by God who has a perfect knowledge of the arrogance of His people? Ezekiel 3: 7 – 9; Jeremiah 1: 17. Should the watchman be impartial or faint-hearted? Verses 18 – 19

3. What level of anger was meted out to one such messenger, and what was his response? Amos 7: 10 – 17

4. Knowing the reaction of His people, does our heavenly Father continue to plead with them? Jeremiah 7: 1 – 7

5. What was determined against Jeremiah when he brought God's word to His people, and what was his sole intent? Jeremiah 26: 1 – 15

6. How was Ezekiel encouraged regarding the sole purpose of his mission and what stern warning did he receive? Ezekiel 2: 6 – 8

7. What sound words come to both those who bring God's messages and to those whom they are spoken? Hebrews 10: 19 – 24

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