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The Canaanitish Woman’s Faith

Lesson No.


Jan 18, 2020

Subject: The Canaanitish Woman’s Faith

Scripture Reading: Matthew 15: 21 - 28

Memory Verse: Matthew 15: 28


1. Where did Jesus go? Matthew 15: 21


2. Who came to Jesus and what was requested of Him? Matthew 15: 22


3. How did Jesus treat her request and what was the attitude of His disciples? Matthew 15: 23


4. What did Jesus say to her? Matthew 15: 24; and on hearing this, what did she do? Matthew 15: 25


5. What other testing statement did Jesus make? Matthew 15: 26; and in what spirit did she take this? Matthew 15: 27


Note: Salvation is for all, but Jesus came to the Jews in keeping with the covenant (Daniel 9: 24 - 27). The Jews were proud of the place they occupied and did not share the knowledge of God with the Gentiles but segregated them. She humbled herself and won the Saviour’s favor and received healing for her daughter. It’s a lesson of humility to us all.


6. What was the result of her faith? Matthew 15: 28

Note: We note that Jesus did not heal some but all conditions. How strange is it today that many are not healed? Healing and deliverance are according to our faith and God’s will. We must be careful not to blame Christ for our lack of faith.

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