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The Danger in Fighting Against God

Lesson No.


Oct 29, 2022

Subject: The Danger in Fighting Against God

Scripture Reading: 2 Chronicles 13: 1 – 19

Memory Verses: Exodus 14: 13 – 14

Objective: To impress on the hearts of believers that outside of God is disaster.

1. After the death of Rehoboam and Abijah’s ascension to the throne, who continued to fight against Judah? 2 Chronicles 13: 1 – 2

2. What was the big difference between the army of Abijah and Jeroboam, and what was the reminder given? 2 Chronicles 13: 3 – 9

3. Why was king Abijah confident that the Lord was on Judah's side, and what was his encouragement to them? 2 Chronicles 13: 10 – 12

4. In his pride and stubbornness what did Jeroboam do? 2 Chronicles 13: 13; and how did this battle end when Israel put up a fight against the "Great King"? 2 Chronicles 13: 14 – 18

Note: There was a literal war between Abijah and Jeroboam. God gave Judah the victory because they served Him and fully relied on Him. This was written for our admonition - if we live for God and totally depend on Him, He will certainly fight our battles. They may be physical combat planned by the enemy, or they may be of a spiritual nature. Whatever they are, we shall have the victory.

5. God sent his prophet to cry against Jeroboam's idolatrous altar, what took place when Jeroboam stretched his hand to destroy the man of God? 1 King 13: 1 – 5

6. What assurance did Moses give to Israel when the Egyptian army pursued them, and how was Moses' words fulfilled? Exodus 14: 13 – 14 & 21 – 30

7. What did the Lord say to Paul on his journey to fight against the children of God? Acts 9: 1 – 5

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