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The Family Relationship

Lesson No.


Nov 9, 2019

Subject: The Family Relationship

Scripture Reading: Colossians 3: 12 - 25

Memory Verses: Matthew 19: 4 - 5


Introduction: In today’s society the accepted norm changes like the weather. This lesson is intended to remind us of the origin of the godly family, its status in God’s divine order and refocus our attention on the creator of all things.


1. Where and by whom was the family created? Genesis 2: 20 - 24


2. What is one important instruction given to the man and his wife? Genesis 1: 27 & 28


3. According to Genesis 7: 7, was this instruction carried out?


Note: The Creator of the universe gave us clear instructions as He introduced what we now know as the family. This started with the man and his wife and as time progressed children should be born to them as they follow God’s direction. The society today has adopted and seeks to teach otherwise. Let us implore our families to follow God’s instructions and keep the fundamental structure in our homes.


4. Every member of the family plays a different role in honouring God. Discuss these roles as recorded in Colossians 3: 16 – 22.


5. Having an understanding of the family, what should be our responsibility? Genesis 18: 19


6. Is it possible for the whole family to be saved? Acts 16: 30 – 33, 10: 34 - 35, 44 - 47

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