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The Four Beast and The Little Horn

Lesson No.


Nov 23, 2019

Subject: The Four Beast and The Little Horn

Scripture Reading: Daniel 7

Memory Verse: Daniel 7:2-3


1. What was the dream that Daniel had and what was the first thing that he saw?

Daniel 7: 1-3

2. What does the four winds denote? Jeremiah 49: 36-37

3. What does the water or sea represent and what is symbolized by the four beasts? Revelation 17: 15, Daniel 7: 17

4. The lion is representation of which kingdom? Jeremiah 4: 5-7, 25: 1-2, 9; and what is meant by the eagle's wings? Habakkuk 1: 6-8

5. Which beast followed the lion? Daniel 7: 5; which kingdom did it represent?

Daniel 5: 8; and what does the three ribs in its mouth represent? Jeremiah 51: 27-28

6. What nation conquered the Medes and Persians and what did the four heads of the leopard represent? Daniel 8: 20-22

7. How was the fourth beast described by Daniel? Daniel 7: 7; how did Daniel feel about this beast? Verses 15 & 17; and what did the angel say of this beast? Verse 23


8. As Daniel considered the horns, what peculiar development did he see?

Daniel 7: 8; and how did the angel explain this? Verse 24


Note: This little horn was very different from the others; therefore, it must represent a religious power. The Papacy claims to be this power and has perverted humanity with years of  deception. The Pope is the only leader across the globe that wears a triple crown. The Vandals, Heruli and Ostrogoths were dethroned by this power giving it strength, showing that his ruling was and still is the papacy.

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