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The Necessity of Revival

Lesson No.


Sep 19, 2020

Subject: The Necessity of Revival

Scripture Reading: Psalm 80

Memory Verse: Psalm 85: 6

Objective: To understand the importance of revivals.

Introduction: Interestingly, Psalm 80 was not written by David but 'Asaph'. He was the chief of the Levities who was given the responsibility for the worship before the presentation of the ark. The context is that Israel strayed from God and to their rationalization, God has turned His back on them. Asaph realized that Israel’s relationship with God was negatively impacting their worship and the blessings of which they thought they were entitled. This lesson will discuss the need for revival and its impact on a personal and congregational level.

1. Asaph concluded that the reason the blessings of God ceased was because of disobedience. What is the first step to receive a revival? Psalm 32: 5; Proverbs 28: 13; 1 John 1: 9; Acts 3: 19

2. David prayed for a revival in Israel, what was the purpose of this? Psalm 85: 6

Note: Grass withers, flowers fade, and as a result cannot effectively complete their tasks, but when given water, they revive. Likewise, Christians and churches fade and faint and need to be revive. It is then and only then will individuals and churches be able to complete their tasks effectively.

3. Before we can experience revival in our churches and communities, where should it start? John 15: 5; Jeremiah 31: 19 (first part); Galatians 2: 20

4. Who is the ultimate source of revival, and what power is provided? Judges 16: 28; Isaiah 40: 31; Romans 8: 11

5. What does Isaiah believe perpetually prevents revival from 'taking us away'? Isaiah 64: 6

6. Even through improbable situations, can there be a revival? Ezekiel 37: 1 – 6

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