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The Plain Truth

Lesson No.


Feb 17, 2024

Subject: The Plain Truth

Scripture Reading: Romans 1: 16 – 32

Memory Verses: Romans 1: 21 - 22

Objective: To realize the danger of moving away from the scriptures.

1. What basic approach is there to understanding spiritual things, and what about those who trust in their own abilities? Psalm 14: 1; Romans 1: 21 – 22; Proverbs 3: 1 – 7

2. What is the result of suppressing God's truth and disregarding His sovereignty? Romans 1: 18 – 22

3. Identify the state that man sinks to when he engages in rebellion and how God will respond. Romans 1: 23 – 25

4. How does the scripture speak of this rebellious nature multiplying ungodliness? Romans 1: 26 – 27

5. What is the progressive state of this sort of defiance to God? Romans 1: 28 – 32

Note: This despicable state was not reached in a ‘flash’. It was by design. This began when man failed to accept the existence of the almighty God even though His creation reveals such. Failure to acknowledge and glorify God as the creator has led to a downward spiral into perversion - man now does the unthinkable.

6. Is there anything that those who are carried away in their abomination will not do, and how conscious are they of their end? Romans 1: 28 – 32

Something to think about: We will NOT escape God’s wrath if we live contrary to His command.

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