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The Sabbath: Preparation Day - PART 1

Lesson No.


Oct 7, 2023

Subject: The Sabbath: Preparation Day - PART 1

Scripture Reading: Exodus 16: 22 – 30

Memory Verse: Exodus 16: 23

Objective: To sensitize believers of the necessary preparations for the Sabbath.

Introduction: According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, 'to prepare' means to make ready beforehand for use. To keep the Sabbath properly, adequate preparation is necessary. One prepares for the Sabbath all week. However, Jewish tradition, which is true even today, shows that the day which begins at sunset on Thursday and ends at sunset on Friday is called preparation day. During this time everything is put in place to avoid work on the Sabbath.

1. On which day of the creation week did God endall His work? Genesis 1: 31, Genesis 2: 1, Exodus 20: 11; and what did He do thereafter? Genesis 2: 2 – 3

2.  According to Mark 15: 42, which day is the preparation day?

3. How did Israel show they understood the act of preparing for the Sabbath? Exodus 16: 22

4. What instruction was given by God concerning preparation for the Seventh Day? Exodus 16: 23, Exodus 20: 9 – 10, Leviticus 23: 3

5. How was this principle deeply impressed in the minds of God’s people? Exodus 16: 32 – 35

Note: Preparation day, though not a part of the Ten Commandments, is certainly valid in the observation of the fourth commandment - 'Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.' Living in this age, it is possible and very easy for one to justify not making the necessary preparations prior to the Sabbath. God’s holy day then and now is still sanctified and requires us to adequately prepare for it. Let us by all means do what is necessary to welcome the Sabbath Day with humility of heart and observe it as commanded.

6. In addition to food and clothes, what else does the scripture advise? 2 Corinthians 13: 5, Colossians 3: 15

Note: To correctly keep the Sabbath, we must adequately prepare for it. The more thorough our preparations are, the greater the blessing! If we lack the time to effectively prepare for the Sabbath, something is radically wrong with how we manage the other six days. God has given us these days to do ALL our work including preparation for His Holy Day. Our habits and priorities need to be adjusted or changed completely. It is important that we complete all our secular work; ensure our clothes are ready, meals are prepared and mindset in the mode for worship - getting in the right attitude of true, spiritual preparation and purification.

7. How does the scripture indicate that Israel put an effortin applying the preparation principle, even in the death of Jesus? Luke 23: 50 – 56, Luke 2: 1

8. What warning is there to those who continue their preparation on the Sabbath day? Exodus 31: 12 – 18

Note: Those who neglect to make preparation for the Sabbath will find themselves violating the fourth commandment and are considered transgressors of God’s law. Remember, we are making preparations to meet our Saviour and to delight in His presence. Without adequate preparation, the Sabbath will not be kept holy, and our spiritual life will start to deteriorate.

Thought Provoking Question:

Does your preparation involve observing the Sabbath in its entirety?

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