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The Source of Need for Bible Prophecy

Lesson No.


Jan 25, 2020

Subject: The Source and Need for Bible Prophecy

Scripture Reading: 2 Peter 1: 1 - 21

Memory Verse: 2 Peter 1: 21

1. How is all scripture given and for what purpose? 2 Timothy 3: 16 - 17

2. Are bible prophecies still relevant today and why? 2 Peter 1: 19, Romans 15: 4

3. What is said of those who read and heed prophecies? Revelation 1: 3

Note: The Bereans were described as being nobler than the Thessalonians because they believed and qualified their studies with confirmation research. Understanding bible prophecy is one way to confirm your knowledge and appreciation of the true doctrine. You are marked as blessed when this is done.

4. How are the Old Testament prophecies given? 2 Peter 1: 21

5. What is said of the interpretation of these prophecies? 2 Peter 1: 20

6. How was the coming of Christ revealed to Peter? 1 Peter 1: 11 – 12

Note: Bible prophecy sets apart the true church and it exposes the fallacies of the false church. It is one of the major pillars of our doctrine. It is prophecy that foretold the four earthly kingdoms and the surety of God’s divine fifth kingdom (Daniel 2 and 7; Revelation 13-22); warned us of the attempted change of times and laws (including the Sabbath, night and day structure, months, beginning of the year….Dan 7:25); where Christ will descend when He returns (Zachariah 14:4); and so much more. Through prophecy we understand and appreciate the times we live in (Matt 24; 2 Tim 3), and we are afforded the peace of mind for which the world clamors. The wise men used the prophetic word to locate Jesus at his birth, and we can use it to be prepared for His return. Bible prophecy gives us the surety!

7. What do these prophecies mean to us in our day? 2 Peter 1: 10 - 12

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