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Trust the Master of the Storm

Lesson No.


Jan 15, 2022

Subject: Trust the Master of the Storm

Scripture Reading: Mark 4: 35 - 41

Memory Verse: Mark 4: 39

Objective: To bring to focus the fact that we serve the God who is in total control of the elements.

1. When our eyes are fixed on Jesus, what can be accomplished? Matthew 14: 27 - 29

2. Human nature sometimes makes us doubt. How does a loving Master respond in our time of weakness? Matthew 14: 30 - 31

3. How does the Master show His dominance over the sea? Matthew 14: 24 - 25; Mark 4: 39; Jonah 1: 4 

4. Oftentimes, we are caught at sea in our spiritual storms; our ships are battered, hope looks grim. However, what sweet assurance comes to us? Acts 27: 22 

5. When the going gets tough, persons are tempted to “jump ship”. What was Paul’s advice to the soldiers, which is also relevant to us today? Acts 27: 30 - 31 

6. When we are overwhelmed by the storms in our lives, where can help be found? Mark 4: 38 & 39 

Note: Time and time again we are faced with adverse and hopeless situations, and we feel like a ship being battered by a furious storm in the Euroclydon. However, let us take heart, for we serve the Master of the sea; the winds and waves still know and obey His voice. If we remain focused, we too will walk on water and experience a great calm.

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