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What Doth it Profit?

Lesson No.


Dec 12, 2020

Subject: What Doth it Profit?

Scripture Reading: Matthew 19: 16 – 24

Memory Verse: Luke 17: 32

Objective: To pay attention to what we value in life.

Note: Possessions, status, pride and the desire to ‘blend in’ are things that will cause many to lose out. The words which kept Joseph, Daniel and others do not seem to be enough to keep God’s people today. Many would rather ‘fit in’ when they are really called to ‘stand out’.

1. Since the existence of man, he has always paid dearly for choosing things that are temporal rather than that which is lasting. What caused Mrs. Lot to be transformed into salt instead of escaping to the mountains? Genesis 19: 15 – 26

2. What befell Samson who disregarded God’s words about loving the world and the things of the world? Judges 13: 3 – 5, 16: 1 – 4 & 15 – 21

3. In examining the parable of the rich young ruler, what was the real issue? Matthew 19: 16 – 22

4. How did the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life feature in Gehezi’s life? 2 Kings 5: 20 – 27; and what does Bro. Paul consider ‘great gain’? 1 Timothy 6: 6 – 8

5. What profit did Ananias and his wife gain from their lucrative real estate deal? Acts 5: 1 – 10

6. 1 John 2: 15 – 16 highlight what cause God’s people to falter. Discuss these topics in light of the charge given in the above scripture: (a) Entertainment, (b) Politics, (c) mode of dressing (males & females), (d) Where to eat

Note: Like the rich young ruler, the question is being asked of us, ‘what profit do we gain from the things we find so hard to give up?’

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