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Who Art Thou Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do?

Lesson No.


Aug 1, 2020

Subject: Who Art Thou Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do?

Scripture Reading: Acts 26

Memory Verse: Acts 26: 14 - 15

Objective: To encourage believers to seek direction from God.

1. How important was it for Saul to know who called him and Why? Acts 26: 9 - 11, and was he certain of voice that spoke? Verses 12 - 15

2. What clear mandate was given to this misguided, yet extraordinarily zealous crusader? Acts 26: 16 - 18

Note: It is of utmost importance that believers know who called them and purpose of their calling. Those who are called, appointed and anointed must be vigilant. They should be able to refrain from deception and avoid being sidetracked. With fixity of purpose, humility and a resolve to please the God of heaven, they are always victorius.

 3. After Peter was chosen personally by Jesus, what specific comission was given to him, and what should not be a concern of those who are given such functions? John 21: 15 - 17 & 20 - 22

 4. Paul declared in simple language God's truth to King Agrippa, the most noble Festus and he was not intimidated by their status. How effective was his speech? Acts 26: 24 - 32


 5. How was the new Saul/Paul treated by the Jews who felt threatened by him? Acts 9: 19 - 26, what did those with discerning eyes react? Verses 27 & 28. Similarly, how did Aquila and Priscilla respond to Apollos' actions? Acts 18: 24 - 28

 6.  What scriptural evidence proves that this apostle, like many others, carried out his mandate? 2 Timothy 4: 7 - 8

 7. Are we encouraged to complete our task as well? 2 Peter 3: 13 - 18; 1 Corinthians 1: 4 - 9

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