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Silent voices, misrepresentation, and demotivation, is just a few of the struggles we face as humans, let alone Christians. The Zion Multi-Media (ZMM) Production is a body of inspirational and spiritual creative work that aims to give a voice to young and aged, male and female, rich or poor members of the blessed Church of God. Difficult conversations, different perspectives, and an openness to face the stigma the follows Christianity will all be tackled on the our three Podcast:

No Longer Silent

The No Longer Silent Podcast is one of the podcasts debuted by the Mt. Zion Sanctuary Assemblies of Jamaica. This podcast features stories of women who have triumphed over insurmountable circumstances and have decided to be No Longer Silent, to share their stories to help others who wish to overcome.

Youth Buzz

The youths are the future leaders of our world. We believe in empowering, enriching, and uplifting them. On Youth Buzz, our youths will experience all three. With your host, Nicole, both young and old will get an opportunity to be positively incited on various topics/issues dealing with things that youths face as well as guidance for things ahead. Challenges are made to overcome, and with the help of each other, we can. Look forward to the Buzz that keeps you going, and tune in for the outpouring!

Man Anuh Monsta

Coming soon!

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