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Mount Zion Sanctuary Assemblies



Subject: Debtors

Scripture Reading: 2 Kings 6: 1 - 7

Memory Verse: Exodus 22: 14

Objective: To realize the danger that sometimes come with being in debt.

1. How must we honour our obligations? Romans 13: 7 - 8

Note: Every true believer must understand that the authorities are God's servants. If we owe taxes or any revenue, it's our obligation to pay. Paul reminds us that the only outstanding debt we should have is the debt to love one another.

2. What is the condition of the one who borrows? Proverbs 22: 7; and when one borrows from his neighbour, what should the borrower bear in mind? Exodus 22: 14

3. How did a good neighbour feel about an axe he borrowed? 2 Kings 6: 5

Note: He who goes "a borrowing" sometimes goes "a sorrowing." This is a true proverb, but if we borrow with an intention to repay, things will work out. It is better not to borrow, but if you must, be very careful.

4. Knowing the situation of the borrower, what did Elisha do to bring joy to the young man? 2 Kings 6: 6

Note: God is willing to help those who honestly borrow with the great desire to meet their obligations. Once you have borrowed, make an effort to pay back. Like the young man who cared about the owner's goods, we should have that same desire. Do all that's possible to please God.

5. How are some debtors described by God? Psalm 37: 21

6. How does a good businessman guide his affairs? Psalm 112: 5

7. What happens to those who lack business principles? Proverbs 13: 18; and what lesson does Christ teach in Luke 14: 28 - 30?

Note: Debts can ruin families, friendship, and character. Running into debt sometimes proves some great dishonesty. Some keep getting into trouble to get out of trouble and so cannot be trusted. To avoid getting into debt, do not run up your bills. "Cut your cloth to fit your size." If you get into debt, make plans to get out as quickly as possible. Remember this, you are never "free" once you are a debtor.

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