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Mount Zion Sanctuary Assemblies


Give God the Glory and Praise

Subject: Give God the Glory and Praise

Scripture Reading: Psalm 150

Memory Verse: Psalm 119: 164

Objective: To remind us of our purpose on earth.

1. Who are called to praise God and why? Psalm 148: 11 - 13, Psalm 150: 2

2. Why should we make use of the days’ opportunity to praise and glorify the Lord? Psalm 115: 17 - 18

Note: God’s Purpose for making man, is for man to give Him glory and honour. Satan has robbed us of our joy when he deceived Adam and Eve. However, God has sent Jesus to give us hope. We have all right to praise Him and show sincere gratitude.

3. When did the psalmist say he would praise the Lord? Psalm 34: 1, Psalm 145: 2

4. Under what circumstances should we give thanks and why? 1 Thessalonians 5: 18

Note: Regardless of the situations we find ourselves in, being true children of God, we should give Him thanks. Because God controls our lives, whatever happens to us it is His will.

5. Why did some people find themselves in an awful condition? Romans 1: 21 - 26

6. What does David say we do when God is praised and what benefit do we receive? Psalm 50: 23

7. Which place is appropriate for us to give praise and glory? Psalm 22: 25; and what should accompany our lip praises? Psalm 150: 3 - 5

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