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Mount Zion Sanctuary Assemblies


Giving and Receiving

Subject: Giving and Receiving

Scripture Reading: Psalm 41

Memory Verses: Mark 10: 29 - 30

Objective: To remind believers of the blessings that come with giving.

1. How will the considerate ones be rewarded? Psalm 41: 1 - 3

Note: A variety of abundant blessings are reserved for those who delight in giving, particularly to those who are not as fortunate as they are. This is quite plain that when we become selfish, greedy and "stingy' we withhold a comprehensive blessing from ourselves.

2. What does Jesus teach about this subject? Luke 6: 38

3. What lesson did Jesus teach those who refuse to share? Luke 18: 18 - 24

4. When we freely give of our service to God, how will we be paid? Mark 10: 29 - 30

5. How does Paul admonish us to give and what may we receive from God? 2 Corinthians 9: 6 - 8

6. What are Jesus' words to the church? Matthew 5: 42

7. How does James address us in terms of giving? James 2: 15 - 16

Thought Provoking Question:

Do you give just to receive or are you giving from the heart?

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