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Mount Zion Sanctuary Assemblies


Visiting The Sick

Subject: Visiting The Sick

Scripture Reading: Matthew 25: 31 - 46

Memory Verses: Matthew 25: 39 - 40

Objective:To highlight the important duty of visiting the sick.

1. Among the many things that will add up to place us in the kingdom, what is also mentioned? Matthew 25: 35 - 36

Note: It seems no big deal to some people when others are sick. Jesus clearly points out that visiting the sick is a great ministry for which we will be rewarded at His coming.

2. Whom do we pay our visit to when we visit the least or poorest among us? Mathew 25: 39 - 40; and on the other hand, on whom do we turn our backs when we neglect the sick? Matthew 25: 44 - 45

3. Why did Christ come and heal the sick? Matthew 8: 16 - 17

4. Of what are we assured when Christ visit our home during our illness? Matthew 8: 14 - 15, Psalm 23: 4

Note: It is good to keep our house in order so that Christ can take a visit there any time of the day and come to our rescue.

5. To what extent did Jesus heal the sick and why is he able to? Acts 10: 38, Hebrews 4: 15

6. Why should we visit and pray for the sick? James 5: 16

Note: Visiting the sick is recommended by the Lord but wisdom should be exercised. Too large a number is not advisable to visit at any “one time”. Let us use our tact as we visit – especially those who are very ill. Those who visit should have bowels of mercy and compassion as Jesus did. This is what makes our visit rewarding.

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