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Hair: Long, Short, Added, Subtracted or Natural!!!

“Today, in an aggressively secular world, Rapunzel-length hair is often a signifier of wealth, excess, and reality-TV stardom. But for millennia, long hair has held religious power and served as an important link to the spiritual realm. That power is unabated.”

The main question today for the Christian man and woman is, can your hair save you? The answer simply put is No! However, your hair is an important part of the package of the true believer. “It is an integral part of a set of rules made by God himself. The truth is that it’s a dual belief in Christ and the keeping of his commandments that save you, (Rev 12:17; 16:12 and 22:14). (The Hair)

Therefore, an organization that holds on to such principles, values and their doctrine, is to “maintain the identity, purity and distinctive simplistic nature of Christendom. “ (The Hair).

Historical Perspective

First, some background information. Our hair is one way of identifying who we are. “The shape and size of each hair stand is determined by the shape of the follicle it grows out from. Our hair follicles (mold) our hair strands as they leave the follicle and are pushed out of our scalp.

The cross section of Asian and Caucasian hair follicles shows that is has a circular shape whilst the cross section of Afro hair follicle shows that it has an oval shape. The effect of our oval shaped hair follicle is that the hair strands tend to be smaller in diameter than Asian and Caucasian hair.

Hair strands that are fine/thin tend to have higher tendency to tangle and will break easier as a result of tangling. Asian or Caucasian hair strands tends to have an even thickness from root to tip. (Afro hair) have several fragile/weak spots along each strand of …hair. It is easier for an (Asian and Caucasian) to retain length simply because their hair does not break and sustain damage as easily as (the Afro hair).” Therefore, the types of hair described above are different and how it is cared for, should reflect these differences. (#1). Especially in the way we identify ourselves.

Note, even in the same nationality, each hair type, whether thick, curly, thin, straight, and everything in between, is unique to that person. That’s the God we serve! Out of the billions and billions of people that God made, each time, he made an original.

Two common ways to “fix” our natural hair is to add extensions or to perm it. “Hair extensions (commonly called weave) is originated in Egypt. As early as five millennia ago, there were artwork created (such as the Sphinx) that modeled this practice. The practice of adding hair to one’s hair historically had a religious significance rooted in idolatry. The enemy simply uses us to amplify his plans of subtle idolatry. Instead of the Sphinx being stationery in the plains of Egypt, he masquerades the practice in the superstars and ordinary women who has no clue of the plan! As he did to Thutmose IV, Satan promises the crowns of beauty, status, youth, fashion, hope, and most of all acceptance and societal validation. Exodus 12:12 and Isaiah 19:1 amplifies that God hates idols and definitely the ones of Egypt too!

According to the book "Hair Story, Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America" by Ayana Byrd and Lori Tharps., braids (weave) were an indicator of age, religion, and marital status, depending upon what types of knots, twists and adornment a person wore. Do we really know what we are representing with the extensions in our hair?” (The Hair). Therefore, we are asked not to wear weaves or wigs, it is not Godly.

Perming of the hair was introduced by C.J. walker, a cultural icon among African Americans. She made her dream a reality at the expense of the African American man and woman.

“The perming of the hair was born from a desire to change the creative work of God to suit the mentality of inferiority complex. Blacks were subject to great oppression, and this push by Walker gave them some credibility and equality with the ‘superior’ races.” (The Hair). The perm solution is made up of chemicals that not only burns the scalp, but damages the hair needing it to be cut off and grown back naturally in many cases.

Display/Use in Society

We have seen many in society that have sported the extended weave/braid, dreadlocks, short haircut, or even the designs we see. You just have to look through the magazines, watch the TV or even look at Social media. As said, your hairstyle can identify the circles you are in, or the status you want to be in. However, the hair of a Christian man or woman should be so distinctive that it not only validates who you are a child of, but also differentiates us from the worldian lifestyles. It is said many times, the way we live is an open Bible!!! Which version do you represent?

Churches defense against such practices

The church has to take a stand through scriptures and its doctrine regarding how we wear our hair. The bible says that the very hair on our head, we cannot count them. God has the number in his hands (Matt. 10:30). Absalom’s hair was a source of pride for him, that he would cut it and weigh it every year, (2 Samuel 14:26). Paul advised in 1 Corinthians 11:14 & 15 that long hair is shame unto a man and a woman’s hair is her glory. The “hoary” head in scripture (Lev 19:32; Prov 16:31; Dan. 7:9 & Rev 1:14), declares the white/grey hair, is a symbol of not just honor and respect but authority.

Please note, “The hair still distinguishes the modest from the elaborate; the humble from the sophisticated; and the transformed child of God from the conformist child of the world order’’ Romans 12:2, (The Hair). We have to remember that at all costs, we represent God. We were created in his own image, (Gen. 1:27), and therefore, we are fearfully and wonderfully made, (Psalm 139:14).

Scriptural Evidence to support

Along with scriptures previously mentioned, 1 John 2:15-17 says we should not love the world, neither the things of the world. For the things of this world is from a place of lust, of the flesh. Therefore, in agreement, Jeremiah 10:2a, states that we should not learn the ways of the heathen. Romans 12:2 tells us not to be conformed this world but to be transformed by the renewing of mind and 1 Timothy 2:9 reminds us that we should be modest …not with broided hair.


Again, the question is, can your hair save you? The answer is still NO. BUT, in compliance and in obedience to God’s commands, we want to live a life that is pleasing unto him. Hair: Long, Short, Added, Subtracted or Natural – You Choose!!!


(The Hair (Draft) By Pastor Othniel Campbell


This is a presentational study and all info can be found on the internet

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